Digital, heartfelt

Tiny Revolt is a friendly digital design studio run by Louis-André Labadie.

I help organizations deliver charming digital work, through an open and down-to-earth design process.


The code of honor

  • Choose kindness

    It's harder to maintain our kindness towards each other when the digital world creates this great, abstract distance between us. Tiny Revolt's projects make the conscious effort of being good to people, no matter who's at the other end of the modem.

  • Gather optimists

    Optimists see the same obstacles as everyone, but decide they're worth overcoming. I work on projects with people who are driven to beat inertia, and can make the right things—however difficult—snowball into good outcomes.

  • Agree on simple, focused goals

    The world is a complicated place. Sharing clear goals allows us to cut through the complexity that inevitably comes when a project is set in motion. With clear goals, we can move together with purpose.

  • Speak clearly, listen above all

    Only charlatans want to keep things ambiguous. The digital world is complex, but it doesn't have to be mysterious. I work so that my clients and I share a common vocabulary around the work we do together. I make sure they understand the impact of decisions across their projects, even when they are technological in nature.

  • Shift power over to those who aren't given much

    It's always a good reason ✊


Let's make something good together

Next availability: Spring 2024